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Privacy Policy

Bahia Privacy Policy

Hotel Bahia Subic Bay safeguards your privacy and is committed to complying with Republic Act 10173, the Data Privacy Act of 2012 (Philippines), and with other international standards on data privacy.

This Privacy Policy discusses the types of information we collect from you, and on how we collect, hold, use and disclose your personal information. We collect these information in order to effectively deliver our hotel and restaurant services, and to improve our business.

The Information We Collect and Hold

Personal information

We collect personal information directly from you when you book a reservation with us. Personal information may also be collected from third parties including referrers, online and offline travel agencies, brokers, and agents. We may collect your name, business name, nationality, passport number or identification number, type of visa, credit card details for processing payments, flight or travel details, phone number, email address and other contact details, information you supply to us as to your preferences, information from our CCTV cameras and our security systems.

For enquiries in relation to working with us, and for job applications, we may collect your name, email address, and contact details. You also provide us with your consent in the collection of your sensitive personal information when you upload in our website contact form or when you email to us your CV or résumé.

The collection, use, and retention of your personal data is limited to the purpose of efficiently providing our services to you, including the sending to you of updates, marketing and promotional materials. In job applications, we will collect, use, and retain your personal data, including sensitive personal information, for the purpose of recruitment, hiring, and/or employment.

Cookies and other data

We are using session cookies, persistent cookies, and 3rd party cookies in our website. Cookies are in plain text format stored in your device to store data once you access our website. Information such as browser type (for example, Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox), and registered public IP address may be collected when you visit or access our website. A public IP address is a decimal number registered to you for use to communicate in the Internet. We may also collect general geographic area associated with your IP address. You may set your internet browser to reject the cookies or prompt you each time a cookie is offered. Cookie rejection may, however, limit your browsing capacity.

Keeping Information Secure

Hotel Bahia Subic Bay is committed to ensuring that the security of your personal information is held at the highest standard, and with regular monitoring of possible threats and hazards being implemented in all Hotel Bahia Subic Bay related and independent entities. We utilise robust precautions to protect the confidentiality and security of your data by employing technological, physical, and administrative security safeguards. Despite the process and means of security that we implement for the protection of your data, we nevertheless cannot guarantee full and absolute security of your data.

How Information Is Used and Disclosed

We will only use or disclose your personal information for the purpose for which it was collected.
The information collected will be used:
• to provide the availed hotel and F&B services
• to render client support and customer service
• to improve our services
• to assist in the operation of our business
• for necessary market research
• for correspondence
• for those employment related, to assess your suitability to our job vacancy

You may opt not to provide your personal data. We cannot, however, guarantee full implementation of our services for lack of data.
We may also share your information to third-party providers such as theme park partners, tourist guides, travel-related companies, our affiliates, and/or partner hotels, for them to be able to provide services that we have contracted out to them for you. We take the utmost precaution and verification that our third-party providers are able to deliver to ensure the highest security in storing your data before any transfer is made. We also ensure that these third-party providers do not use your personal information other than for the purpose for which we have contracted services out to them or specified with them. We further do not allow the sale to third parties of your personal information.
Further, we will use or disclose your personal information if required to do so by court order or by law, such as those relating to tax, human trafficking, anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism.

Fraud Warning

Please be aware that there is a significant risk posed by cybercrime, specifically in emails and bank account details. Our bank account details will never change during the course of the transaction, and we will never change our bank account details via email. Please check account details with us in person. We will not accept responsibility if you transfer money into an incorrect account.

Similarly, we will not email you asking for your credit card or bank account details, sensitive personal information, and identity card numbers. Should you receive such an email appearing to be from our domain name or email, please note that this is in all likelihood a fraudulent email. Please immediately inform us of same, please do not respond to such fraudulent email, and please do not click any link or open any file in that email.

How Long We Retain Your Data

All information that has been collected will be retained on the basis of the retention period provided by law or regulation in the Philippines or until it is necessary for the fulfillment of our contractual arrangement. You have the right to direct us to delete your personal data unless there exists a legal requirement for the retention of the information. Please advise if you require us to delete your data for either of the following reasons: (1) it is already inapplicable for the purpose of which it was collected; (2) withdrawal of consent; and (3) your data was unlawfully processed.

Keeping Information Accurate and Up to Date

Reasonable steps are taken to ensure that all information are accurate, up-to-date, and complete. Please advise us should you require an update, correction, or addition of new information in your data.

Access to Your Data

Access to your data will be provided to you so you could easily amend or correct or delete your personal data. You may also opt to provide us information with the corrections, if necessary, and we will amend any incorrect information for you. We could also provide you with the means of collection and the reasons why we have collected your data.

Third-Party Sites

You may find third-party links in our website. These links are for your convenience and we are not, in any way, accountable to their services. Our Privacy Policy only applies to us and it does not include privacy policy of any third-party links.



This policy is designed for individuals of legal age of their country. We do not deliberately collect any personal information from children or underage individuals. Please advise us immediately if any of your children have accessed our website and we will immediately delete or de-identify any data that has been shared by your child.

Changes In The Privacy Policy

We update our Privacy Policy on a periodic basis as we deem appropriate. We encourage you to review our Privacy Policy on a regular basis.


Hotel Bahia Subic Bay welcomes feedback and complaints about privacy issues. We will endeavour to respond within 30 days. Please address all questions, feedback, and complaints through:
Email: info@hotelbahiasubicbay.com
Phone: +6347 252 2893-94 / +63 927 505 8829 / +63 920 108 3210
Mail: Hotel Bahia, Bldg. 664 Waterfront Road, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, 2222 Zambales, Philippines